The kindergarten perception of risk

I remember watching our toddler daughters in the playground with other children. Left unattended they would falter and fall, bash heads and knees sometimes but all in all nothing to worry about, excluding some Greek mother hysteria. Little ones have an innate perception of risk and will not jump off a bench for no reason but that is as far as it goes. Simple staff, to protect against imminent danger, actions-reaction nothing long-term of complicated, hidden risk factors. Head bashing versus the harmful effects of second hand smoking. Long intro to get to why I am sick and tired to read great prose from analysts, even serious ones, that advice us locals to vote this, not that, ask Greece not to blink or scaremongers that see a nuclear catastrophe and a failed state in the making. Common thread in all these is that are written by Greek expats or just others that their own paycheck, family and skin are not in the game. And thus fail to understand the risk we are facing with any nuisance above the kindergarten level. Well intended people but irrelevant. My hope is that Europe will wake up, see the risk of events beyond anyone’s control unfolding and amend the treaties that build the flawed construction of the euro. Habermas is the required and only read here. (
Most of those (us) in Greece are by now well in their trenches as partitioned by what matters most to everyone and this is only their personal risk analysis of potential harm and future prospects. Everyone with some savings have them by now in cash and hedging possible disaster scenarios and pushing their own agenda.
Greek society is by now split, and if some had doubts now they should have none. The haves are pitted against the have-nots or more accurately the have-nots and have-no-prospect-to-have are pitted against those that have or wait for an economic turnaround to start having again. This is deeply divisive and as every complex event rooted in the future highly unpredictable.
To all those pontificating about ‪#‎Greferendum‬ also bear in mind that humans have a finite lifespan and eye-watering statements like in twenty years Greece will thrive again only score in an exam paper. Thanks mate, in twenty years I might be dead, in the long run we all are. I do care about the future but happen to live right now, right here, have children and must provide even in the unlikely scenario. Supermarkets were you live will be open and banks running. I hope the same will be the case in Greece and no, I don’t care about capital controls. I care about society controls. You don’t, so, sorry, again, and no offence but fuck off.


About Maurice

Chemical Engineer, dedicated follower of tech innovations, trail-running geek-father of 2 girls. Τοῦτο ἔχει ἡ τελειότης τοῦ ἤθους, τὸ πᾶσαν ἡμέραν ὡς τελευταίαν διεξάγειν καὶ μήτε σφύζειν μήτε ναρκᾶν μήτε ὑποκρίνεσθαι. Perfection of character is this: to live each day as if it were your last, without frenzy, without apathy, without pretence. Marcus Aurelius
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