I think of myself as a dedicated follower of tech innovations, Geek to the Bone, news junkie and web addict. I used to have lots of hobbies  but lately I only do research, twitter and family.  By training I am a Chemical Engineer (MEng Bioprocess Engineering, PhD in Mechanical Engineering) and work as Computational Sciences Lab Staff ( (Ε.ΔΙ.Π.) at the University of West Macedonia.

Through the years I have worked applying numerical tools mainly on porous media related processes. I was always involved more in applied research, often working in industrial contract-research projects with major process industries. My main research efforts focus on the effect of the micro-structure of porous materials on their physical properties to develop accurate structural representations that can predict the above properties and evaluate the performance of the materials.  This will enable a more complete understanding of the micro-scale mechanisms of complex physicochemical processes. Ultimately this can lead to the design of materials with optimum structural architecture for maximum unit performance achievement, leading to predictive models to tailor pore architecture during processing of particulates that can be used to fabricate membrane, foam, filter ceramics or even cermets. Another area of application of is enhanced oil recovery and hydrocarbon  reservoir characterization through the prediction of porous rock transport properties (mainly permeability).

I have also been involved in teaching for the past eight years in the University of Western Macedonia, first as teaching assistant in the courses of Unit operations and Computational Mechanics. Since my appointment as permanent laboratory and teaching member I have also   taught   independently the 1st year programming course using Matlab and continued my involvement in teaching the programming practise sessions of the Computational Mechanics and Unit Operational courses.

Specialties: Porous media simulations, stochastic methods, research network administration


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